My Sexual Theory of Everything

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Are we making too much of a big deal out of sex? When I was younger, I was just like other young people, and did not really get what sex is all about. Now that I am more mature I appreciate that sex is not just about one thing. Sex means different things to different people. To some people, it may mean intimacy and closeness. For the men I meet at Hertfordshire escorts of, it often means getting in touch with their inner most desires.


Is there a right and wrong way to think about sex? I personally don’t think so, and I also think that we are too quick to point a finger at those who think about sex in a different way from ourselves. Most of us tend to think about sexual fetishes as something naughty and a bit dirty. Why are fetishes dirty and naughty? So far during my career with Hertfordshire escorts, I have not met one single person who has not had a fetish or inner most desires.


Some say that women have this romantic illusion about sex, and that we get sex and love mixed up all of the time. Well, I have got news for you. There are perhaps some women who do this, but the majority of women that I know have very strong sexual desires and dreams, and fetishes as well. Just like men, women often would like to fulfill their inner most desires and fetishes. Do women act out fetishes? Of course they do, and I know many of the girls at Herfordshire escorts like to act out their fetishes. A good example would be our domination ladies.


All in all, I think that we need to be more open minded about sex. The LGBT community has shown us how important acceptance is when it comes to sexual practices. Thanks to the LGBT community we have learned to accept the sexual practices of others. We used to make such a big deal out of homo sexuality and being gay, but it is not such a big deal anymore. Is that okay? I think that it is, and in general we should not worry about stuff like a person being bisexual, or being gay . Some of my best friends are trans and I think that they have a lovely attitude to life.


How do the the rest of the girls at Hertfordshire escorts feel about sexual choices? As far as I know all of my colleagues at Hertfordshire escorts are very open minded about everything. The longer you stay with an escort service, the more you learn and it is rather interesting actually. I feel far more sexually liberated now then I did a few years ago. I hope that I am going to continue to feel like that. Sure, there are some sexual practices which hurt others, and we should certainly learn how to deal with them. But in general, my theory of sex is all about continuing to enjoy sex in its many forms.

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